Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Class Choir!

Wow! These students are great singers. We have had a ball singing the song Plural Nouns to the tune of Let it Go from Frozen this week. The kids were a hoot!

Homework Update: PLEASE make sure your child is doing their Aleks assignment each week. I still have a few students who have not completed the first homework assignment. There is one assignment that needs to be done each week by Friday. This is essential review. Each child can do a Quick Retake and correct any problems that have been missed. These scores are recorded each week as well.

In the homework packet on Friday, there is another multiplication timed test. Please time your child for 5 minutes on one side. Then turn the paper over and time them for 5 minutes on that side. They need to know these multiplication facts fluently. Please, please practice with them on these basic multiplication facts. Also, I would like each child to read at least 2 books online on this week. I have adjusted some of their reading levels and this is great practice for them to read on their level. They need to take the quiz for each book as well. This will count as their homew reading minutes. There will also be another Aleks assignment of things they need to review. Just a side note... on Aleks they can look on the column where it lists Assignments. If they look at the bottom of that list, they can go to Quicktables and push multiplication. This is a great way to practice their multiplication facts and build their fluency.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU for all of the classroom donations. I can't express just how much these items are appreciated! Thank you over and over!

In math, we are having a quiz on Friday and our Chapter 2 test next Tuesday. Please remember that students can correct the problems that they have missed at home. Please sign and review it with your child. If they bring their papers back to me, their score will go up half of the points that they missed. This is essential to help each child correct their misunderstandings.

Tomorrow we will also be writing letters to the firefighters to thank them for their hard work. These letters will be delivered to the firefighters so they can read them.

Next week I will be doing math tutoring at 8:00 am on Wednesday Sept. 26. If you are interested, please email me. This helps me know how many to plan for.

Also, please send Box Tops to school with your child!! We will be having contests each month. This month the first place winner gets $50.00 to buy new books for the students to read! Thank you so much for those of you who have sent them to school!

Last, please have your child share any pictures or activities they are participating in with our class. We love to hear what they are involved with.

Mark on your calendar:
Oct. 18 & 19 Fall Break
Oct. 25 SEP's or Parent Conferences (Please check SIS and make sure your child has all their grades in!) I will be updating grades this weekend.

Thank you for all your support. I love, love teaching your children!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Working Hard!

Some of the students had the opportunity to be lunch workers this week! They did a fabulous job!

In math we are continuing to work on multi-digit addition with regrouping, multi-digit subtraction with borrowing, understanding addition properties, and identifying number patterns. Please make sure that your child has completed their math homework on Aleks by Friday. I will be taking the scores for this assignment. (Homework September 7-14)  They can select Quick Retake and correct any problems that they have missed. Everybody should be able to get 100%. The instructions were attached to their homework packet. If they log in and they have not completed their classwork assignment for today, please just have them submit it even though they are not finished. It will be okay. This will allow them to be able to access the homework assignment for this week, if they have not already completed it yet.

There will be a new homework assignment posted on Friday for next week too. (Math Homework Sept. 14-21). These homework scores are sent to me when they have completed the assignment.

Tutoring was fantastic this morning. I will be offering tutoring next Wed. morning at 8:15 as well. Please email me if you are interested.

I also have almost finished all of the reading testing! The students are doing great! Please continue to work on learning new vocabulary words with your child. This helps tremendously with comprehension. Also after they have read at home, please ask them these types of questions. Here are a few examples:

1.     What character trait does the main character have? What evidence proves this character trait?
2.     How does the character change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story?
3.     What is the writer’s message or theme of the story?
4.     How do the characters solve their problem?
5.     How are the characters feeling and why?
6.     What is the main idea of this story? What are some details of the story?
7.     How is one character or animal different from another character or animal? How are they the same?
8.     What do specific vocabulary words mean in the text? What clues help you to figure out the meaning of the word?

PLEASE mark your calendar.

Monday, September 17: Half day, School is dismissed at 12:00pm! Teachers will be in meetings all afternoon for Staff Development Day.

Monday, September 17: 4th, 5th, and 6th grade soccer tournament begins during lunch for those who signed up. I’ll be cheering you on!!

Please know my door is open. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. It is a pleasure working with such wonderful children!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Math Detectives!

This week we had fun wearing silly glasses as we worked hard as Place Value Detectives!

We are learning a lot on our Chromebooks. PLEASE have your child bring their own headphones if possible. This will help them tremendously. Thank you so much for your help!

I have set up a Google Classroom with the website links we are working on as a class. Your child can  go to their email, then go to the Google Apps icon. After that, click on Classroom. I will be doing different assignments throughout the year on Google Classroom.

Today I was testing students on their reading. I will test the rest of the students next Wednesday.

Please continue to work with your child on their multiplication facts at home! Please review their Vocabulary words with them. We will be having a matching test, vocabulary to it's definition, this Friday. They do not need to know how to spell the vocabulary words. They can also practice these words "Vocabulary List 2" on However, I am going to give the students their passwords for this website tomorrow. I will teach them how this website works on Thursday.

Also, I will be doing math tutoring next Wednesday morning, September 12, at 8:15. Please email me if your child is interested!

On Thursday, September 6, I will be handing back the students' Chapter 1 Place Value Unit Test. Please ask them to show you their test. If they have missed anything, please have them correct it and get a parent signature. Please have them return it within 1 week, so their score can go up. If they got a 100%, I will keep it for a couple of weeks to display on our Good Work Wall in our classroom.We are now starting a new unit on multi-digit addition and subtraction.

Thank you so much for all of your school donations of markers, pencils, tissues, and treasure box prizes! I appreciate all of the support. It helps everyone in our class so much.

Please remind your child to bring back their homework on Friday! Also, they need to have a parent signature on their reading log. We will be having our first class Auction on Friday too!

Last, please mark on your calendar that we have school pictures next Monday, September 10!!! I can't wait to see all of the beautiful and handsome smiling students!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Happy Labor Day!

I hope everybody enjoys their 3 day Labor Day Weekend!

The students have been working hard! Please remind your child to bring back their homework on Friday! We will be having a math quiz tomorrow. I will grade it and stamp it if they missed any problems. Please have your child correct it and then have a parent sign it. It will be in their Friday's homework packet. They need to return it back to me within 1 week to get their score raised up. I will raise them up half of the points that they missed. The goal is to have them correct their misunderstandings.

We will be having our Place Value Unit math test next Tuesday. In this upcoming Friday's homework, the students will receive a 1 page math review. Please have them do it this weekend if possible and make sure they understand it. These types of problems will be on the test on Tuesday. Thank you so much for your help!

Tutoring went great this morning. I will not be tutoring next Wednesday morning because we have a faculty meeting. However, next week I will tutor on Tuesday morning at 8:15. I will take the first 5  who email me telling me that they would like to come. We will be reviewing Place Value problems.

In next week's homework packet the students will receive a list of 10 vocabulary words. They need to know what each of these words mean but they do not need to know how to spell them. They will have a matching vocabulary test on the following Friday.

Next week we will be starting our Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers math unit. We will also begin writing an opinion essay. I will also start testing the students on their reading levels next Wednesday.

Please remember to continue to have your child practice their multiplication facts at home. They need to know these fluently.

Also, is a great site for students to practice their math. It is free and they don't need a password. Have them click on 4th Grade, then Place Value. They can then choose a domain to practice on. I showed them how to do it today so hopefully they can remember.

It has been a delight working with this group of students! This is truly going to be a fantastic year!

Please mark your calendars:

September 3: No School, Labor Day
September 7: Online Book Orders are due
September 10: School Pictures
September 17: Half day of School; Dismissed at noon

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Great Start!

It has been a delight to get to know each of the students! We have been learning school rules, we did a teamwork project, and we started on our place value unit in math.

MATH: Please work on the multiplication facts with your child. After the summer, it is easy for the children to forget their times tables. The more practice they have, the more confident they will become. Our first unit is Place Value. In Fourth grade students need to understand numbers up to the millions place. These are some of our math goals that we will are working on.

Place Value

Read and Write Multi-Digit Numbers

Compare Numbers

Order Numbers

Use Place Value to Round
Number/Operation in Base 10

Number/Operation in Base 10

Number/Operation in Base 10

Number/Operation in Base 10

Number/Operation in Base 10
Digit, place value, period, number line, greater than, less than, equal to, expanded from, standard form, word form
I can identify the place value of digits in multi-digit numbers.

I can read and write multi-digit whole numbers.

I can compare numbers using a number line & a place-value chart.

I can order numbers by using a place-value chart & comparing the digit.

I can estimate numbers by rounding.

HOMEWORK: Students will be receiving their first homework packet this Friday. Please look over their homework and sign their reading log when they are finished. It will be due the following Friday.

TUTORING: I will be available to give any students extra help in math next Wednesday morning, August 29 from 8:15 am-8:45 am. Please email me if you are interested in having your child come. I will only allow the first 5 students who respond to attend that morning so I can give more one-on-one attention. If you schedule it with me, please have your child come to the back classroom door at 8:15.

Please remember if there is any pictures of your child participating in a hobby, please have them bring it to share with the class.

Also please help your child learn any new vocabulary words. If they tell me a new word in a sentence using the correct context, they will earn extra auction tickets.

Thank you for your help!

Important dates to mark on your calendar:

Sept. 3: No School- Labor Day
Sept. 10: School Pictures
Sept. 5 & 12: I will be testing students on their reading
Sept. 17: Half Day of School- Staff Development Day

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Hello Everyone! We are SO excited to begin this school year and get to know each of you! We would like to introduce ourselves.

My name is Louise Crook and I have four children. My oldest daughter, Cassidy, just graduated from BYU this Spring and got married this July.  My son, Josh, returned home from an LDS mission in Brazil this July. My daughter, Kylee, is a Senior at Spanish Fork High School. My youngest daughter, McKenna will be a Sophomore at SFHS. I finished my Master's of Education this summer with a focus on math. I love to travel, read, go four-wheeling in the mountains, watch BYU men's volleyball, and spend time with family and friends. I love being at Sage Creek and having the opportunity to teach 4th grade! I look forward to a fabulous school year.

Ms. Zhang will be teaching you Chinese this year. She is from northeast China, from a town called Dalian, which is a beautiful city by the sea. She loves reading, exercising, and dancing. She graduated from a Master's program at the University of Utah. She also looks forward to seeing you very soon in her fourth grade classroom!

Fourth Grade Dual Immersion is going to be a little different compared to 3rd grade. The students will have Reading, Writing, and Math in English this year. In January, the students will take a 10-week keyboarding class. The students will have science in Chinese. Please review science vocabulary in English with your student, as they will be tested in English at the end of the year.

Please review math tests with your child and look over their homework. Students can correct ANY math tests at home and if they bring them back with a parent signature within 1 week, their score will go up. My goal is for each student to understand the concepts and build their confidence in each of the math standards being taught.

Also, for reading this year, I am going to focus heavily on building student's vocabulary. The number one thing that good readers struggle with on comprehension tests is understanding new vocabulary. Please discuss new vocabulary words with your children each day in your day-to-day conversations. Discuss new vocabulary words in books they are reading. Play a game with them to try to use new vocabulary words in their conversations with you. I am going to reward students with extra auction tickets if they can use new vocabulary words with me in conversations using the correct context. It can be any new word that they are not usually using. It will be a fun little challenge for all of us!


We will provide each student with the school supplies that they need. It saves me a lot of time to have everything color coded for red and blue classes. However, we always greatly appreciate donations that the whole class can use such as pencils, black dry erase markers, small treasure box prizes, wrapped candies, or Clorox disinfectant wipes.

One thing that each child would greatly benefit from is bringing their own headphones or earbuds to use with the Chromebooks. Thank you so much for your help with this!


I love having parent helpers join our class! I will send out a parent helper sign-up email in about a month for those who are interested in helping in Mrs. Crook's Class. I will have you come during math lessons and I will have you work with a small group of children to give more one-on-one instruction to students. This is a fabulous way to make sure each child gains greater confidence and masters the concepts.

Also, I will be available one morning before school each week to help tutor any student who needs a little extra help with any subject, but must be scheduled with me beforehand. I will let you know the days and times soon. Anytime your child needs extra help, please let me know! Email me and I will be happy to schedule a time to help them. My door is always open and I want each child to succeed, have fun, and gain a love of learning.

Last, I have a class shout-out board. This is a board that students can post friendly notes to other students that they want to spotlight for doing kind things. It can also be a board to post pictures of students or recognize talents or events that they are participating in. Please have your child bring any picture or hobby that they would like to share with the class. I love to post them on the board and enjoy celebrating all these cute kiddos talents. We can all get to know each other's interests. Any pictures will be returned after a good amount of time of displaying them on the board.

I would love to try to attend any extra curricular events the students are participating in, if my schedule allows. Always feel welcome to let me know of any fun events your child may be involved in. It is always exciting to see students and share memories outside of the school environment as well!

Please mark these dates on your calendar:

Monday, August 20: School Open House 1-3
Tuesday, August 21: First Day of School! Wahoo!
Monday, September 3: No School, Labor Day

School Hours:

Each Monday is Early Out Day 9:00AM-2:30PM
Tuesday - Friday 9:00AM-3:15PM

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at:

We look forward to meeting you at the Open House on Monday, August 20 from 1-3 pm!!