Friday, November 17, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Please mark on your calendar that we only have school next week on Monday and Tuesday. On Nov. 22-24 there will be no school due to the Thanksgiving Break. Your student will not be given any homework for the Thanksgiving week. Enjoy your break and we hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

When students return on Monday, Nov. 27 they will receive their weekly homework packet. They will also be given their Biography Poster Book Report if they have not already asked for one. These book reports are due Friday, Dec. 8. Please remember that there is no page requirement for the Biography book that they need to read. I just want each child to pick someone to learn about that they are interested in.

We are currently finishing up the multiplication unit in Math. Students will be bringing home their end of unit tests and quizzes next Monday. If they have a stamp on them, they can always correct it at home and return it for a better score. The goal is that they understand. After Thanksgiving we will be starting division. As I teach math, I am teaching students multiple strategies to solve each problem. When they take the test they are always allowed to use any strategy that they choose to complete the problem. The goal is that each student understands and can explain what is happening in the problem. If you are helping your child at home, please make sure that they can explain to you the steps and understand why they got the answer that they did. Also it is good for them to use a second strategy and check their work.

In writing, we are writing Narrative books. The students are working hard on publishing their own hard cover book for you for Christmas!

Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather as it begins to get colder at this time of the season.

Thank you for your support and working with your own child to make sure they are understanding each of the concepts taught. We are so lucky to be part of such a great Sage Creek school.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Happy Veteran's Day!

We look forward to honoring the Veteran's tomorrow in our school-wide Veteran's Day Assembly.

For those who are interested, I sent a class Parent Helper sign-up yesterday. You are welcome to sign-up on the google sheets for the Monday you are interested in December.

Just a reminder that the Biography Book Report is due on Friday December 8th. I will be sending home the Biography posters on Monday November 27. If your child needs one earlier, they are welcome to ask me for one. Also, any student who completes their book report can turn it in early. I already have had a few students hand theirs in.

Please check your child's backpack and have them correct their math quiz and test. Please sign the paper and have them return it to school.

As the cold weather approaches, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. They are not permitted to stay inside because they forgot a coat. Thank you so much for your help with this.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We love teaching your darling children.

Please mark on your calendar: No School For Thanksgiving Break Nov. 22-24

I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy November!

A HUGE thank you to all of the parents who helped with our Halloween parties yesterday! The children had such a blast. The cute little spooks enjoyed the school Halloween Parade as well. It was a fun day to celebrate and see all of the creative costumes. 

The next book report is due in December. It is a Biography. Please have your child choose a person that they would like to learn more about. Each student should be reading this at home. If they finish their book, they are welcome to ask me for the poster and turn it in early. 

Right now we are working on Narrative writing. We are also working on multiplication. This week we are finishing up 2 digit by one digit multiplication and next week we will begin 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication. Please review basic multiplication facts with your child up to 12. This will help them a lot!

Next Tuesday we will be having a Fourth Grade Assembly about Native Americans which we are looking forward too!

Please mark on your calendar: Thanksgiving Break November 22-24. 

Thank you so much for all of your support. We sure enjoyed talking with each of you at SEP's!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Happy October!

This week we had the opportunity to have a lady from the District come and teach a lesson in literacy with drama. The students enjoyed it.

On Halloween, the school is going to have a School-Wide Halloween Parade at 2:30. Due to the Parade, we will be having our class parties from 1:15-2:15. This is a new time for the parties. If you are scheduled to help, please mark this on your calendar.

Next week, Oct. 9-13 is Red Ribbon Week! We have a lot of fun activities planned.

Theme: Heroes Don't Do Drugs

Monday: Assembly on Heroes
Tuesday: Make Class Posters
Wednesday: Everyone wear Red today!
Thursday: Class read-aloud books on heroes.
Friday: We Mustache You Not To Do Drugs- Everybody wear mustaches

Some of the students have been asking about the next book report. It will be on a biography book and there is no page requirement for this book. The poster for it will be sent home on Monday, Nov. 27 and it is due on Friday, December 8. Students can start reading the book now if they choose.

Please continue to review basic multiplication and division facts with your child!

Thank you so much for your help! Thank you for sharing your darling children with us.

Please mark on your calendar:

Oct. 19-20: FALL BREAK; No School
(Fyi... No homework will be sent home for this week; Oct. 16-20) Enjoy the break!

Oct. 26: SEP Conferences; Sign-ups will be sent electronically soon

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Wonderful Week!

Thank you so much to the parent helpers that came in and helped with math on Monday! We appreciate your help!

This week we took our math Unit Test on addition and subtraction with regrouping. Each child took their test home yesterday. Please have your child correct it and then sign it. If they bring it back to me, their score will raise. Our next math unit focuses on multiplication and division. Please review basic multiplication facts with your child. I can not over emphasize how important it is for your child to know their multiplication facts fluently. Everything will build upon this knowledge for the rest of the school year.

In writing, we are working on Opinion Essays. Also, we are starting our Guided Reading groups this week.

Just a reminder that book reports are due tomorrow. Also, I have taken the darling baby pictures down from the hall. They will be returned to you at SEP's (Parent Teacher Conferences) in October.

Please mark on your calendar:

October 19, 20: Fall Break- No School
October 26: SEP Conferences

Thank you for making Sage Creek such a great place to be!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Happy Fall!

What a fantastic week it has been! Right now the students are being trained on how to be a good reading tutor. Each Monday, the 4th grade students will have the wonderful opportunity to tutor a first grader in reading. I look forward to seeing what wonderful fourth grade tutors we have! This is a very enjoyable and exciting experience for these students to teach and make a new first grade friend.

Today the students logged on and got familiar with Aleks math website. This is a website that the students can review the assigned topics that we have been studying in class. We will be using this a lot this year.

Just a reminder that homework is due this Friday. However, each child has one more week to complete the book report. The fiction book report is due on Friday, September 29. There will be no paper sent home to record English reading minutes for next week. This allows the students more time to focus on their book report.

Also, we are excited to have a 4th grade storm water assembly next Monday!

Just a reminder that the weather is getting a little cooler now. Please make sure that your child has a jacket or gloves so they are not too cold during recess.

Thank you for all your support! We appreciate each and every child.  They have darling personalities and it is such a pleasure to work with them!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fourth Grade Friends

This week has been busy and productive. All the students were able to get their school picture taken on Monday. Also, each of the students were tested on their reading this week! In math, we have been working on addition and subtraction with regrouping. For writing, the students are writing an opinion essay on if they would rather have a vacation at the beach or in the mountains. I would recommend having a journal or notebook for your child to write a couple of sentences about their day each night. Please remind them that they need to use capitals to begin each sentence and punctuation at the end of each sentence.

Tomorrow each child will get their book report poster sent home with their homework packet. The book report is due in 2 weeks on Friday September 29. If students finish it early, they are welcome to bring it back to school.

First vocabulary test will be tomorrow. Please review these definitions with your child.

Have a relaxing and delightful weekend!

Please mark on your calendar:

Monday, September 18: School Dismissed at 12:00 - Staff Development Day
Monday, September 25: Fourth Grade Storm Water Assembly
Friday, September 29: Fiction Book Report Due: The book must be at least 100 pages
October 19, 20: Fall Break
October 26: SEP Conferences